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College Placement Inc.

Simply put, our firm educates our clients on the recruiting process, and gets them scholarships by using our coaching database.

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Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX (NCAA D1)

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How We Do It.

We spent years developing relationships with college coaches.

But when it comes to placing players in college, it's a matter of the right people knowing you. 

We're those people.

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY (NCAA D1)

We Have A Lot of Contacts.


If this is the goal, and we can find a fit, let's make it happen.


A launching pad for kids on both ends of the academic spectrum.


They have scholarship, they want talent.

Finding The Right Fit.

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Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN (NCAA D1)

As a staff, we want to work in an advisory role for our clients to make sure they're finding the best college fit from an athletic and academic standpoint.

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